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Store Story

Our image store is not only unique but also stylish. The counter design is inspired by supermodel dressing room and their dressing tables. Black, white and gold are our launguage. We create every product in the way of work of art and disply in absolute boutique style.

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Brand Story

Sveltology, the beauty supplememts expert from N.Y., is the hero brand under A&Z pharmaceutical Group with FDA quality certified. We create the most concentrated beauty supplements in the smallest pack size with the most trendy design under the highest quality surveillance. Without water, you can enjoy high-concentrated collagen in pleasant flavors anytime and anywhere.

Our collagen is purely derived from fish and made in US. We creates diversified flavors with high-concentrated beauty ingredients to meet your rapidly changing tastes. Just one step and without water to refill your losing collagen anytime and anywhere with ease and elegance.

Supermodel Shine is always with you

A&Z pharmaceutical Group develops high concentrated collagen supplements- Comely Sweets range, VC Gummy range, Supermodel Au Lait range, VC Crispy Gummy range and All Youth Inner Essence- gracefully taken anytime and anywhere
Sveltology is boutique
Be your supermodel starting with Sveltology