A&Z Group, 20+ years professional pharmaceutical expert with FDA certified, creating beauty supplements to meet diversified Asian beauty needs and tastes. Our collagen products are purely derived from fish, made in US with 80 years premium quality endorsement.

Collagen Beauty Supplement

Sveltology Collagen beauty supplements (chewable sweets) provide you in five pleasing flavors for your daily beauty needs. You can elegantly enjoy collagen without water anytime and anywhere.

Strawberry Comely Sweets

5600mg collagen chewable sweets
Sweet Strawberry for Sweet Look

Plum Comely Sweets

5600mg collagen chewable sweets
Back to Youth

Yogurt Comely Sweets

5600mg collagen chewable sweets
Embrace Beauty and Health

Chocolate Comely Sweets

5600mg collagen chewable sweets
Drop Your Makeup

Grape Comely Sweets

5600mg collagen chewable sweets
Amazing taste.Perfect face

Collagen VC Gummy (CC Gummy)

Sveltology Collagen VC Gummy (CC Gummy) creates seven flavors with high-concentrated US fish collagen in ladies’ favorite gummy type. The smallest pack size with the highest collagen concentration in most stylish lip gloss shape to make you enjoy beauty in fashionable and elagant way.

Blueberry VC Gummy

Vogue Edition

Orange VC Gummy

Luxury Edition

Lemon VC Gummy

Classic Edition

Strawberry VC Gummy

Charming Edition

Grape VC Gummy

Exquisite Edition

Apple VC Gummy

Pretty Edition

Yogurt VC Gummy

Elegant Edition

Supermodel Au Lait

Collagen beauty Au Lait warms youth up

Black Tea Supermodel
Au Lait

Graceful beauty afternoon tea

Vanilla Supermodel
Au Lait

Amiable beauty afternoon tea

Chocolate Supermodel
Au Lait

Charming beauty afternoon tea

Berries Supermodel
Au Lait

Lovely beauty afternoon tea

Strawberry Supermodel
Au Lait

Adorable beauty afternoon tea